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What You Should Know About Small Business Shipping Solutions

If your company sells products rather than services, shipping is part of the game. You have a lot to consider before you can choose among the many available small business shipping solutions. Don’t just choose one randomly though. As with everything else you do for your business, take your time and do some research.

Be extra diligent if you require international e-commerce shipping. There are a lot of providers claiming to offer the best international shipping in the business. Unfortunately, they don’t all live up to their claims. We recommend sticking with a shipping partner with a proven track record. As a DHL authorized reseller, we can vouch for DHL.

Order Volume Matters

Order volume matters to shippers. Therefore, the amount of product you are sending out on a monthly basis could influence your choice of small business shipping solutions. For example, your business might not be able to compete with major retailers on store pricing but offering cheaper shipping could keep you in the game.

Also note that some small business shippers base rates partially on volume. The more you ship, the less you pay per package. There is no hard and fast industry rule, so you have to investigate rates among different providers.

Shipping Partnerships Matter

When you are talking about international shipping, the reality is that the actual number of companies that physically move packages around the world is rather small. They access global markets through authorized reseller networks. With that in mind, shipping partnerships matter.

When you partner with Preferred Shipping, you get the advantage of our partnership with DHL. We are an authorized DHL reseller. So shipping with us is essentially shipping through DHL. Our partnership means you ship with one of the world’s most trusted logistics providers.

Package Tracking Matters

Shipping packages overseas has its risks. In addition to simple things, like packages being lost or damaged, there are also complex rules governing imports and exports. The bureaucracy involved in maintaining compliance often means international shipments get delayed. Why should this matter to you? Because you should have the ability to track your packages from the start of their journey to the final destination.

Without the ability to track, you have no answers for a customer wondering why their shipment hasn’t arrived. That’s bad for business. Not knowing the status of your packages tells customers that you do not care what happens after shipments leave your facility.

Package Handling Matters

Your customers expect that the goods they purchase from you will arrive on time and undamaged. To that end, package handling matters. It matters on both your end and the shipper’s. Do you really want to use a shipping partner with a reputation for poor handling practices?

On your end, handling is all about choosing the right packing materials and strategies. You might be shipping fragile items while another company ships T-shirts. Your packing materials and strategies will differ. One way or the other, you and your shipper have to work together to make sure the product is not damaged in transit.

Hold Your Shipper Accountable

Even after you choose a small business shipping solution, do not just assume all will be well from there on out. It’s up to you to always hold your shipping partner accountable. If packages are damaged or delayed, insist on an explanation. If something went wrong with tracking, look for answers. Don’t be afraid to dispute bills that don’t seem accurate.

It goes without saying that not all small business shipping solutions are equal. Some are better than others. Knowing that, we invite you to consider DHL International Export Express.

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