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5 Reasons to Choose DHL International Import Express

We recently published a post discussing reasons to choose DHL International Export Express. The post garnered enough attention that we decided to follow up with a look at the other end of the import/export equation. This post will discuss five reasons to choose DHL International Import Express.

As you read, bear in mind that DHL is one of the most recognized logistics companies in the world. Between the DHL authorized reseller network and all the partner companies who work together to facilitate international shipping, DHL can get packages delivered to just about anywhere.

As for International Import Express, here are five reasons it is likely a good option for your business:

1. One Company

Importing into the U.S. is complicated even on the best days. The more players involved in the process, the more complex each transaction becomes. Choosing DHL International Import Express means dealing with one company from start to finish. You don’t have to deal with multiple players and their many representatives.

Anyone who has ever tried to track down packages knows the value of fast, efficient service. They understand the value of dealing with a single partner instead of three or four. How do you put a price tag on that?

2. One Account Number

Because all your imports go through DHL, you have a single account number to manage. This might not seem like a big deal, but every account your company maintains requires active effort by your management team. Accounts have to be maintained; they have to be reconciled; statements have to be reviewed, discrepancies have to be dealt with, and so on. Having a single account streamlines back-office administration.

3. Invoicing in USD

DHL International Import Express issues a single invoice in U.S. dollars for your transactions. How is that for streamlining accounts payable? Paying an invoice is as simple as looking at the amount and transferring the money. No currency conversion necessary. And because you are dealing with a single invoice from a single company, one payment keeps your account current.

4. Drop Shipping Opportunities

You will also find that DHL International Import Express is ideal for facilitating drop shipping from overseas. DHL can deliver packages directly to you or your customers without issue. When you choose drop shipping to your customers, you don’t have to maintain storage space for your product. You do not have to maintain a sufficient inventory to meet orders. That reduces your overhead and your headaches.

5. Import Expertise

If none of the other four reasons impress you, this fifth one should: DHL International Import Express gives you access to industry experts who know imports inside and out. As we said at the start of this post, imports are complicated even on the best of days. There are all sorts of rules and regulations governing international shipments. Run afoul of just one, and you could find yourself in trouble with the authorities.

DHL has been at the international shipping game for decades. They not only know all the rules inside out, but they also make it their mission to stay up to date as those rules evolve. DHL’s regulatory expertise is further enhanced by unparalleled customer service, fast and efficient delivery, and real-time tracking every step of the way.
We understand you have options for importing goods overseas. We are familiar with most of them, and we think DHL International Import Express is the best option for many small businesses. If you would like to know more about it, don’t hesitate to contact Preferred Shipping. As an authorized DHL reseller, we are more than happy to answer your questions.

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