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Add DHL Express International Shipping

to Your Shopify Store

  • Live customer service via email and phone

    No automated machines and no waiting hours for a response from a ticket system. 

  • Fast delivery with door-to-door tracking

    1-3 day average transit to 220+ countries 

  • Easily integrate our low rates with Shopify

    Plus integrations for your other marketplaces and shopping carts

Request your discounted global shipping rates

Our volume shipping helps smaller stores save 10-20%!
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Big carrier quality with small business service

By working with Preferred Shipping, you get access to low rates and exceptional, fast customer service. This means:

  • A dedicated account manager to help your business grow globally
  • Customer service via phone and email without long wait times or automated answering services
  • Expert advice on how to manage the ins and outs of global commerce including regulatory guidance and customs clearance support

As an authorized DHL reseller, Preferred Shipping provides your company a dedicated DHL Express account. If you use Shopify's DHL Express shipping, your shipments are on their house account and do not have your own account number. An account number is important for troubleshooting customs issues, tax and duties and more!

Meet a few of our resident shipping experts:

Save 10-20% over your current international shipping rates with Preferred Shipping!

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Customers expect speed

Preferred Shipping has been a reseller of DHL Express since 1992. We've seen international shipping evolve a lot over the past 3 decades. But one thing remains the same, DHL Express gets packages around the world faster than anyone else.

While local postal carriers offer unreliable global tracking and slower service, especially in the wake of COVID-19, DHL Express continues to provide fast and dependable service around the world.

With an average delivery time of 1-3 days and weight limits up to 650 lbs, together we can get almost anything, anywhere. Plus International shippers trust DHL since they deliver to almost every country in the world!





We integrate our rates into your Shopify system. So you can continue to process orders exactly how you do now. Customers see these great  rates with the DHL Express logo during check-out. 



Mange orders is Shopify but manage shipping in our system PSCSHIP with no user-fees.

Our team will review your business and recommend which option is better for your online shop. We help with all the integrations, making it easy for you to get started.

More Questions?

FAQS about our Shopify Capabilities

Why should I use DHL Express through Preferred Shipping versus native Shopify rates?

Preferred Shipping can typically beat rates offered by Shopify by 10-20%. You own the DHL account number and do not experience the perils of Shopify’s use of a 3rd party account. In addition, you'll get access to our readily available customer service team. You are able to manage your shipments through Shopify - no need for an additional log in or system to learn. Additionally, because you get your own DHL account number, when shipping issues arise you'll have direct access to customer service to resolve the problem.

How can I figure out how much global traffic my site is getting already?

If your store is not currently offering international shipping, we have a calculator to help you see how much revenue you are missing out on. Find the calculator here.

Will I have an account manager?

Yes! Every Preferred Shipping account has a dedicated account manager. They are supported by our customer service team.

Can I display my low shipping rates in my Shopify shopping cart?

Yes - with a simple integration, your customers can view your DHL Express shipping rates right in their cart. 

Is PSCSHIP capable of doing batch shipping?

Yes. When you integrate your Shopify orders into PSCSHIP you have the option of creating batches that allow you to process shipments in bulk. In addition, PSCSHIP has sophisticated filters and business rules to better organize and manage your shipments.

Can shipping rates be marked up by the merchant before presenting them to buyers at check-out?

Absolutely. You can build in a mark-up to your Preferred Shipping rates before presenting them at check-out. Mark-up can be accomplished either within Shopify settings or within PSCSHIP, Integrated Quoting settings.