It's never been easier to grow your ecommerce business anywhere in the world.

Preferred Shipping enables digital retailers of any size to provide their customers affordable, reliable, and fast delivery service around the US and to more than 220 countries and territories. Using a combination of our domestic and international express export and import shipping services, we can create a complete logistics solution that's perfect for your ecommerce business.

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Flexible Logistic Solutions

Our goal is to make it easy for retailers to sell merchandise, understand product entry requirements, and clear customs in the global marketplace.

  • Integrate our low pricing directly with many storefront platforms including ShipStation and Magento
  • Minimize returned and lost packages through free international and domestic address verification
  • Free 24-hours tracking visibility for you and your customers
  • Free and easy daily pick-ups with no volume requirements
  • Free signature delivery verification, reducing false claims of undelivered packages
  • Optional value protection on all shipments - inbound and outbound

Drop Shipments

Drop-Shipping through DHL Import Express allows inventory sourced from foreign vendors to be shipped directly to you or to your end customer. The savings produced by not having to maintain the inventories locally can be significant, especially for high-cost specialty products or parts.

DHL Express ODD (On Demand Delivery)

DHL Express is the only carrier that has the international capability to automatically message a shipper's receivers when the shipment is picked up and provide you with the ability to control how the shipment will be delivered to them. This helps the shipper avoid undelivered shipments and multiple delivery attempts.

Display accurate DHL Express quotes based on your discounted Preferred Shipping rates on your online store.

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ShipStation Integration

If you use ShipStation for your eCommerce fulfillment, we offer the ability to directly integrate your low, discounted rate with DHL Express directly into its system for quoting and shipping. To add Preferred Shipping to your ShipStation account, contact our International Help Desk to begin the process, and start saving!

Supported Integrations

We offer a comprehensive selection of plug-and-play shopping cart integrations. Current customers can login to our updated PSCSHIP system and from the Settings menus access our ecommerce integration capabilities and self-help tools. Contact our International Help Desk for additional support.

Our selection of shopping cart integrations currently includes these popular systems:

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Custom Integrations and Unsupported Online Stores

When off-the-shelf solutions don't work for your infrastructure, or if your online store is currently not supported, we offer several custom solutions.

  • Webhooks: You can integrate any shopping cart by providing three custom programmed URLs to our software.
  • Rest API: Obtain shipping rates and pull-push order information
  • CVS batch shipping: Create a shipment .csv batch file, upload, and shipments done
  • ODBC Bridge: Using the PSCSHIP ODBC Bridge, it is possible to synchronize order and shipment information between PSCSHIP and an ODBC data source

Current customers who are admin users can login to our updated PSCSHIP system and from the settings menu, access our ecommerce integration capabilities and self-help tools.

Let's grow your ecommerce business!