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Myths about International Exports

It's easier than ever to ship internationally. Learn more about dispelling these common myths.
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What ecommerce integrations does Preferred offer?

Preferred Shipping now has the ability to let customers display accurate DHL Express quotes based on your discounted Preferred Shipping rates on their websites and online stores.
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Why is DHL Express the best option for shipping to and from Europe?

DHL Express has been providing service to Europe since 1974 and has developed long-term relationships with customs and government agencies to help you make the most of every opportunity in this economic powerhouse.
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What are DHL’s global accreditations?

DHL Express has multiple global accreditation ensuring security and quality.
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What does it mean to work with an authorized DHL Express Reseller?

A DHL Express Reseller is a company that has signed a contract with DHL Express that allows the reseller to establish DHL Express accounts for the purposes of providing its volume discounts to small and midsize businesses. Preferred Shipping customers get their own account number assigned by DHL Express, but the rates, billing and customer service are provided by Preferred Shipping as the ultimate customer advocate in the customer relationship.
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Frequently Asked Questions about DHL and Preferred Shipping

As a new customer, we know you may have some questions about us, DHL and why we’re the best value for your international shipping. Here is an FAQ roundup.
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What advantages does DHL have over FedEx or UPS?

When choosing who to ship with, you have lots of options: DHL Express, UPS, FedEx and others. But do all of them provide the same level of service?
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What You Should Know About Small Business Shipping Solutions

You have a lot to consider before you can choose among the many available small business shipping solutions. Don't just choose one randomly though. As with everything else you do for your business, take your time and do some research.
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