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Frequently Asked Questions about DHL and Preferred Shipping

As a new customer, we know you may have some questions about us, DHL and why we’re the best value for your international shipping. We’ve included a list of some of our most frequently asked questions:

Why should I ship my international small parcel shipments through Preferred Shipping?

Preferred Shipping consolidates its entire shipping volume with DHL, and we use the quantity to receive substantial discounts that we pass on to you. When using UPS or FedEx, you can only use your company’s volume to get discounted pricing, and it might limit your savings. In addition, at Preferred Shipping, we don’t charge pick up fees and we won’t change your rate based on your average volume like the competition will. We also provide experienced customer service and support through your shipping expert (ISR) and our International Help Desk.

What benefits does Preferred Shipping bring to my shipping process?

We provide extremely competitive, discounted rates; act as a single point of contact for customer service and support; and provide best-in-class technology solutions including PSCSHIP, allowing you to quote shipments using just the country name in less than a minute.

Will it be difficult to switch from my current software to PSCSHIP?

No, the switch is easy. PSCSHIP is the easiest and most efficient small parcel international shipping solution available, and that’s why we offer it to our customers. Since it runs from a web browser, there is no software to install or maintain, and it can be used by an unlimited number of users in your company. After logging in, you can quote or process a shipment in minutes. Your shipping expert is available for on-site trainings for all of your employees using the system, or we can arrange group trainings online. If you’re in a rush, don’t forget our International Help Desk ( or 800-827-7987) can prepare shipments for you and email the shipping labels to you for printing.

Your accounting department will also love PSCSHIP as it gives them weekly, itemized invoices for all shipping activities, and includes 14-day net payment terms for easy invoice management.

Why should I use DHL instead of UPS or FedEx for my international small parcel shipments?

DHL is the largest international shipping company in the world, supported by its superior international infrastructure including international hubs, service centers, employees and coverage that dwarf the competition. This means service and transit times are better with shipments traveling on the DHL network, including international locations serviced exclusively by DHL. To get the best value in your logistics management, smarter U.S. companies ship ground shipments with UPS, domestic express shipments with FedEx and international shipments with DHL.

Preferred Shipping’s offering of small parcel export and import shipments makes sense for small- and medium-size shippers, because we can give them rates and a level of service traditionally reserved for only the largest international shippers.

What is the role of my local shipping expert (ISR)?

Who likes calling an automated 800-number to get help with customer service issues, technology support, or answers to questions about billing, sales or collections? We don’t. That’s why we have a local shipping expert to help you manage your shipping quickly, and taking as little of your own time as possible. Our local shipping experts work in tandem with our sales leadership team and International Help Desk to resolve customers or shipment delays quickly, using the full power of our long-term relationship with DHL Express. Our local shipping experts make sure you always get the full benefits of our knowledgeable customer service resources, a low, competitive rate, and best-in-class technology solutions to keep your business in motion.

Who is Preferred Shipping, and how long have they been representing DHL?

Preferred Shipping is DHL’s oldest authorized reseller in the U.S., and we’ve represented them for more than 20 years. The Preferred Shipping family is comprised of our management team, employees, local shipping experts (ISRs), and of course, all of our Preferred Shipping customers.

At, you can learn more about our company, all the services we offer including small parcel imports, domestic trucking, international mail and heavy air freight. You can also call your local shipping expert, the International Help Desk, or anybody on the Preferred Shipping team to get an answer to a question.

I have multiple people who need to make shipments in my company, can each have their own access?

Absolutely. PSCSHIP can provide you with an unlimited number of users, so anybody who needs to create or review a shipment can do so. Your local shipping expert (ISR) can assist with creating logins and passwords for any member of your team, and can arrange individual or group trainings on-site at your business, or we can setup a personalized webinar training session if you have employees across the country who will be quoting, creating or reviewing shipments. The webinar can be provided to you as a recording, and used to train new employees or any that couldn’t attend the training.

Can I use my DHL Express account for import shipments as well as export shipments?

Controlling cost and the level of service for shipments originating outside and going to the U.S. is key. When a vendor uses their own carrier and charges you for the service, there’s no guarantee you’re getting the best rate or access to the world’s most trust international shipper, DHL. Just like with our Export Express service, our Import Express service provides a competitive, discounted rate and DHL’s superior service. DHL can provide better service and transit times than the competition because of its large infrastructure and decades of international experience.

Initiating import shipments couldn’t be easier — whether you are providing your own DHL import account number to an international vendor, or using DHL’s Import Express Online® software to request international pickups and create visibility in all of your import shipments. If you don’t have time or need some help, your local shipping expert and our International Help Desk are always on call to assist in organizing and processing your import shipments.

How do I make my first DHL shipment using Preferred Shipping?

It’s easy, and you’ve got options. You can use the best-in-class PSCSHIP software to quote and process shipments, call your local shipping expert, or our International Help Desk at 800-827-7987. If you are ready to start experiencing your savings and the Preferred advantage, make your first shipment today.

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We have more than 25 years of experience supporting small and medium businesses with their shipping needs. As the oldest authorized reseller of DHL Express, we are international shipping experts. In addition to our international import and export services, we offer heavy air freight, domestic USPS services, and domestic trucking services.

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