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What does it mean to work with an authorized DHL Express Reseller?

Our company, Preferred Shipping, has been a reseller of DHL Express services since 1992, longer than any other authorized reseller in the United States. This means that we have worked directly with DHL Express for more than 30 years. This article outlines why this is important to your business and how it allows us to provide the best rates and service.

Definition of an Authorized Reseller

A DHL Express Reseller is a company that has signed a contract with DHL Express that allows the reseller to establish DHL Express accounts for the purposes of providing its volume discounts to small and midsize businesses. Preferred Shipping customers get their own account number assigned by DHL Express, but the rates, billing and customer service are provided by Preferred Shipping as the ultimate customer advocate in the customer relationship.

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Discounted Rates

One of the biggest benefits we can offer a customer is discounted shipping rates, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Because of our large shipping volume buying power, we can offer companies greater discounts than those they would earn directly from DHL Express on their own. Our rates often save companies 40% or more off list rates. We also offer our customers 30-day payment terms for all their shipments.

In addition, we pass on great DHL perks like free pick-ups and limited surcharges.

Customer Service

As we like to say, our customers come to us for the great rates, and stay with us for the exceptional customer service experience.

How we make this happen:

  1. Account Representative: Every account we set-up gets an account representative, who operates as their single point of contact. This account representative conducts training, troubleshoots any issues the customer has, provides advice, helps with supply orders, and so much more.
  2. Customer Service Phone Number and Email: In addition to your account representative, we have a team of international shipping experts who you can call or email with your questions. Whether you have a package held up in customs, you are questioning a new trade requirement, or you need help with documentation, this team will get your question answered. This is not a typical 1-800 number where you sit on hold for thirty minutes after answering a bunch of automated questions. Instead, a live person will promptly answer, and the person you talk to will ensure your problem gets a resolution. If it takes more than one call or they need to call DHL, that customer service representative will handle everything for your and see the problem through to resolution.
  3. Educational resources: We have an extensive online database of common questions our customers have about international logistics. We also send out regular email notifications with customs changes and international shipping alerts.

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

While DHL Express is a significant part of our offering, we can also offer your business other logistics solutions. We have domestic shipping offerings, as well as LTL and full truckload services. Our range of services can solve multiple supply chain challenges you are facing, with just one point of contact!

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We have more than 25 years of experience supporting small and medium businesses with their shipping needs. As the oldest authorized reseller of DHL Express, we are international shipping experts. In addition to our international import and export services, we offer heavy air freight, domestic USPS services, and domestic trucking services.