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What is DHL eSecure? How does it protect my import account?

DHL eSecure is a security feature that prevents unauthorized use of DHL Express Import Accounts in online shipping tools. It is a value-added service that combats fraud. It ensures that your import account is only used by people and businesses that are authorized. The eSecure program applies to any import made in MyDHL+, CorporateShip, or EmailShip. While the eSecure program is available for use now, it will be required to be used beginning in January 2022.

*Note* The eSecure program does not currently apply to shipments made from systems like PSCSHIP. If you currently set-up all import waybills in PSCSHIP and email them to your overseas vendors, you will not have to use MyDHL+. However, 80% of overseas shipments are made using the 3 programs listed above, so if your overseas partners or vendors are setting up Imports. PSCSHIP has other safety and security measures in place already to protect shipments made from the PSCSHIP system.

What will eSecure require of me?

  1. If you are the Customer Administrator for a newly enabled DHL Express Account in eSecure, look out for a ‘Create Password’ email from to complete the registration process of your new MyDHL+ User Profile. The email and password screens will look like this.

2. A ‘Welcome’ email from will be sent when an existing MyDHL+ user is added as a Customer Administrator for an eSecure enabled account. The same email will also be sent when you are successfully onboarded first time as a Customer Administrator in eSecure.

3. After your MyDHL+ account is set-up, you need to login to your myDHL+ to check your preferences, settings and any modifications to Authorized Users, Authorized Domains, and Customer Admin(s) in the portal.

4. Once you are ready, the final step is to enable the account number. eSecure validation will be immediately enabled thereafter.

5. After eSecure security is enabled, all future attempts to use your DHL Express account in MyDHL+ or eMailship from unauthorized users will trigger an approval request to the customer admin. A customer admin can easily click on the Approve or Reject button or access MYDHL+ eSecure Menu to make a decision. Upon approval/rejection, the requestor will be notified of the result via an email.


  1. Do I have to use DHL eSecure?
    If you or your customers use MyDHL+, CorporateShip, or EmailShip for imports, you will need to sign up for DHL+ access. Once you have access, you will get email alerts and can manage access without actively logging into DHL+
  2. When will Preferred Shipping be turning on eSecure for our account?

  3. Will shipper who have used my Import account before have access still?
    Yes, any shippers/users that have used the Import account over the last 13 months will automatically be authorized.

Questions about eSecure or Imports?

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