To most countries around the world, DHL can act as the customs broker for the receiver. They can often clear the shipment through customs before it even arrives in the country. That is why DHL can be as fast or faster than any other air-express carrier internationally.

Canada, however, requires that a local customs broker clear the shipment when the value of the goods or the type of commodity makes it a formal customs entry. DHL can only be the broker if they have a Power of Attorney from the receiver authorizing them to act as the broker.

If the importer in Canada already has a broker, they can contact DHL and inform them of who their broker is. If the receiver wants DHL to be the broker, DHL Canada can send them the POA to sign which allows DHL to act as the broker. It is good to proactively contact DHL about how the shipment should be cleared to avoid delays in clearance and delivery. Also, if the sender has a broker in Canada, the broker’s information can be put on the Invoice so DHL knows who to contact for clearance.

There is an option to have the duties and taxes billed to the sender as well. This is referred to as the Non-Resident Importer Program. The shipper in the US obtains a Non-Residents Business Number from the Canadian Revenue Authority and there is a special Power of Attorney along with a Non-Resident Business Number that must be submitted to DHL Canada to get set up for duties and taxes to be billed back to the sender.

If this is a one-time thing, fill out the Non-Resident POA. Be sure to fill out both tabs of the form. If you are a Preferred Shipping customer, you can send that to and we will work with DHL to get that set up for you. Be aware it’s not a quick turnaround.

If this is something you want done on a lot of future shipments, you have two options. First, you can file for a Non-Residents Business Number with the CRA online at this link. The other option is to fill out the Canada BN Long Form below and fax it to the CRA. The appropriate CRA office fax number can be found here. When you get the BN registration back, Preferred Shipping customers can send a copy of it along with the completed POA to our Customer Service email and we will get that submitted for you.

Be aware there is a fee of $17 to Preferred Shipping customers to have these fees billed back to you as the sender in the US.

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