Goods imported or exported to and from India are subjected to a Goods and Services Tax (GST) that impacts import and export clearance. India-based shippers and consignees will need to provide some additional data to GST Network and Customs before custom clearance is completed for all Non Doc shipments.

Details about GST can be found here.

Please note the following:

GST Identification Number
  • India importers and exporters must have a GSTIN (GST Identification Number), which needs to be provided to DHL India before any shipment is imported or exported. Shippers and consignees in India can visit this webpage for a one-time update of their GSTIN for customs clearance.
Duties and taxes
  • Bona fide samples up to a value of INR10,000 (approx. USD1,600) will continue to have a duty exemption. The content of the sample (s) must be well defined.
  • Gifts are expected to be charged the GST as per the preliminary interpretation of rules. This is being reviewed by a logistics industry association; we will provide more information when received.
  • Accurate ZIP / Postal code on the waybill and shipper invoice becomes even more important for GST compliance.

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