Due to important changes in China customs regulations effective January 1, 2011, there are two significant changes to be noted for efficient customs clearance into and out of China:

1. Indicating Importer and Exporter Customs Registration Number (“CR Number”) All importers and exporters in China are required to register with customs authorities for an importer or exporter Customs Registration Number (“CR Number”) that must be indicated on the commercial invoice. Your Chinese consignee or shipper must indicate the CR Number in order to clear customs, with the exception of documents and personal effects (limited to unaccompanied luggage, C2C shipments). As a U.S. consignor you will need this number for your records. The Chinese legal entity receiving or importing the goods is responsible for a CR Number. Your customer or supplier in China should have the CR Number by now. If not, DHL China can assist them by identifying a qualified import/export agent (IOR/EOR) as the receiving and dispatching party in China. Please note however, that the appointment of an agent is a lengthy process and will need to commence immediately, if required.

2. Including Harmonized System Codes (“HS Code”) All U.S. consignors will need to have a Harmonized System code (“HS Code”) on customs declaration forms. Per the China customs requirement, you will need only the first six digits of the 10-digit HS Code. However, this rule doesn’t apply to documents (non-dutiable) being exported from / or imported into China. Please be advised that the above changes are mandatory per China customs regulation announcement no. 33. Failure to provide this information on your customs documentation may result in delays in the clearance process by Customs in China. We would like to help you in every way we can to implement these changes smoothly.

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