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A recent initiative to reform and modernize Dubai Customs has led to new Customs procedures, which will take effect January 1, 2011. One of the requirements, similar to the recent China “Regulation 33”, mandates that ALL Dutiable (Non-Document) shipments from all countries into Dubai and outbound from Dubai include a HS (Harmonized Tariff) Code as part of the imports/exports declarations documents. In order to ensure these requirements are met, DHL will ask that customers include the HS Code as well as the following information on the Commercial Invoice for all Dubai import and export shipments:

  • Invoice Number
  • Country of Origin
  • Description of the Goods
  • HS Code for Every Line Item as above
  • Weight of Each Line Item
  • No. of Units/Pieces
  • Value and Currency

It is extremely important that all of the above mandatory details are included, as failing to comply with providing this information on the Commercial Invoice will result in shipments being held.

New Export Charge for All Shipments from the UAE Please note that all Export shipments from Dubai that exceed US$270 in content value will now incur an AED 30* Bill of Export charge. This is a direct charge implemented by Customs Authorities and not DHL Express and is relevant to all Export shipments from the UAE.

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