Hong Kong: Export Administration Regulations (EAR) 2021 Update

An update to the Export Administration Regulations regarding exports to Hong Kong enable the U.S. government to more closely monitor exports, re-exports and in-country transfer of certain items, and broadens the scope of export-controlled items to include electronic and telecommunications equipment (i.e. PC’s, mobile devices and similar items), even if there is no military end use.

What does this mean for me?
Similar to China (CN), Russia (RU) and Venezuela (VE), all shipments tendered to DHL Express that are destined to Hong Kong (HK) must include one of the following:

  • Provide the ECCN (Export Commodity Control Number) if item falls under the Export Control List, or has an ECCN of EAR99 (any other items that are not technical, electronic) for each line item on the Commercial Invoice.
  • If the items are exempt from an AES EEI filing because they qualify for an Exception Symbol Citation, the Exception Symbol must be provided.
  • An AES EEI filing with Internal Transaction Number (ITN) Citation must be provided for any commodities with an ECCN. All other items that fall under ECCN EAR99 will require EEI filing ONLY IF the value is above $2500 per same HTS commodity.

Additional Resources:
For additional information, please see the HKG Regulatory Alert FAQs or one of the following:

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