How to make waybills using your import account number

DHL Import Account Number

DHL has two types of account numbers that they give to their customers. Export account numbers are for shipments beginning in the United States and going to another country. Import account numbers are for shipments that are picked up outside the United States. This includes shipments that are coming into the US as well as shipments going to other countries but billing to your company here in the US. DHL Import account numbers always begin with a 95 or a 96.

There are several ways to make waybills using your import account number. Here are the options:

  1. Give your import number to the sender. Then, have the sender make the waybill on their end and mark the waybill to bill you as the receiver or the third party. We do not recommend this option if you do not know or trust the sender as it can be dangerous giving out your DHL account number. The safest way to distribute your account number is with the Import Express Routing Order.
  2. Use the MyDHL+ program.This will work for imports as well as country-to-country shipments. You will not see pricing, but you can get an estimate from PSCSHIP on imports or from our office for country-to-country shipments. The MyDHL+ site also allows you to make waybills that hide your account number. This gives a security to your account number that you can only get through this program.
  3. Create a PDF using eMailShip. eMailShip is a special PDF document that DHL Express has created that processes both US Import and Country-to-Country shipments outside the US. The eMailShip PDF works in conjunction with your email to send shipment and pickup information and receive back a waybill and pickup confirmation.
  4. Create a waybill on the PSCSHIP program. You can also create import waybills on our PSCSHIP program. Our system cannot make country-to-country waybills, but you can make waybills for shipments importing into the US as well as the Commercial Invoice for the shipment. The sender will need to contact DHL in their country to schedule the pickup as our system is not able to schedule pickups outside the US. Our office can schedule pickups in other countries if needed.
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