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Customers have several options when creating shipments using their Import Express account. The most common type is to provide the Import Express account number to a trusted foreign vendor using the Import Express Routing Order. This routing order contains verbiage that help secure the account from misuse or fraud. You can download the Routing Order here:

When providing an Import Express account number to foreign vendor is not practical or if you need to further safeguard your account, there are other options available that allow you to create a shipment for a foreign vendor and keep your account confidential. PSCSHIP, our proprietary software system, has the ability to create a U.S. import shipment and provides and easy way to then send the air waybill to your foreign vendor. Import Express Online "IEO" is another method that is even more sophisticated; in that you can give permission to your foreign vendors to create predetermined shipments by themselves without revealing your account number.