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When choosing who to ship with, you have lots of options: DHL Express, UPS, FedEx and others. But do all of them provide the same level of service as we can? Below is a chart of many key benefits we offer, and how the competition stacks up.

Exports: With DHL Express and Preferred, you can get your shipments around the globe: fast! From a document to a shipment up to 600 lbs, DHL Express international door-to-door delivery is the most reliable way to move a package virtually anywhere in the world. Average transit times are 1-3 days

Imports: You can simplify your global supply chain. Eliminate local brokers and forwarders with the flexible import services we provide through DHL Express. We can ship documents and packages up to 600 lbs and deliver to any country or receiver. DHL Import Express is available from or between more than 200 countries.

As you can see, Preferred Shipping offers the luxury-style service of DHL Express for international shipping with no pick up fees, no EEI process charges, and an International Help Desk to help you make your shipments.