How do I legalize my shipping documents?

Legalized Paperwork is a special type of process that is done for certain types of shipments traveling to specific destinations. It is best to perform this before the shipment leaves the U.S. as opposed to doing it in the destination country, as the destination country may take longer to process the shipment.

We can assist you with legalizing the shipment, but there are fees associated with this service due to fees we incur processing the paperwork with the appropriate Counsulate. The commercial invoice and a chamberized certificate of origin are required for the shipment to be legalized. Originals are required, and we will ship to you directly. You should keep a copy for yourself, but the originals should be included with the shipment.

Many consignees will request the paperwork be legalized for a variety of reasons including tax exemptions. Some countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, the U.K., and Singapore require legalized paperwork, and the lead time required to legalize the documents will vary by Consulate. When legalized paperwork is required, you cannot send the shipment until the legalized paperwork arrives. Our International Help Desk or your local shipping expert can assist you with beginning the process to legalize your paperwork, and advise you how far in advance to start the process based on the destination country.

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