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These 5 Packing Tips Can Save Money on Shipping

Correctly packing and preparing your package can save you time and money, while also protecting whatever you ship. Here are some key tips to help you ship!

#1 Leave no empty space

It is important to completely fill empty space within the box to avoid contents moving during transit which can cause damage to both contents and box. Place void filler on the base of the box then around the item you are shipping. Ensure there are no gaps or movement.

#2 Place item being shipped in middle of box

Always place items being shipped in the center of the box with at least 2.5 inches of separation from any external walls or corners. Keep this in mind to help choose the right box size.

#3 Wrap items and use dividers

When shipping multiple items in a single package, always wrap each item individually and separate with corrugated inserts or other divider materials as appropriate.

#4 Measure your package for dimensions

When measuring your package always measure the outside dimensions. Your measurements of length, height and width will be entered into the shipment documentation and used by the carrier to calculate the dimensional weight. Accuracy is important.

If your packaging has an odd shape or a protrusion, always measure each side at it’s widest point. Dimensions should always be in whole numbers when entering them. Rounding your package dimensions to a whole number will improve the accuracy of the dimensional weight calculation done by DHL.

For example: if the length of your package is 24.3 inches by height of 11.2 inches by a width of 10 inches, then rounding to the next highest dimension; the dimensions become length 25″ x height 12″ x width 10″.

#5 Seal with H method

We recommend the following pressure sensitive tapes for their strength and durability: polypropylene tape (brown plastic tape), vinyl adhesive tape (electrical tape), and fiber-reinforced paper tape (duct tape).

Ensure all seams are sealed using the H-taping method:

  • Apply 1 strip of tape along the center seam.
  • Apply 2 strips of tape across both edge seams.
  • Apply more strips of tapes for heavier shipments
  • Repeat the H-taping so that both the box’s top and bottom seams are sealed

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Detailed packing tips to protect your packages and save you money!

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