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Update: Service Impact in China due to Coronavirus

Many customers have inquired about how logistics restrictions in China due to the coronavirus outbreak are impacting their imports and exports.

Current Status:
The local government in Hubei province has implemented a series of strict controls to prevent the spread of the disease. These include cancelling commercial flights to and from the city of Wuhan, as well as closing all highways and roads into Wuhan. As a result, DHL pick-up, delivery and warehousing services in Hubei province are currently suspended. They will resume service in Hubei province subject to local authority emergency controls.

DHL Express Plan Moving Forward
DHL Express business operations are actively working to mitigate potential impacts. DHL Express has a task force that is closely monitoring the situation and coordinating with international organizations (such as the WHO). They will provide the necessary information to all employees and partners, such as Preferred Shipping. Our team at Preferred Shipping will provide you continued updates as the information becomes available.

Other Impacts

Even though DHL Express is still operating in all other provinces in China outside of Hubei, we know there are many documented disruptions to the supply chain in other parts of China. We can help you mitigate the impact of slowdowns in production by providing an alternative to traditional air freight and ocean freight. Through our partnership with DHL Express, we can move large and oversized freight at competitive rates called Global Spot Rates.

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