Finding transit times has never been EASIER!

The DHL Capabilities Tool helps you answer many common questions like:

  • What is a country’s international postal code?
  • What is the proper spelling of a city?
  • What is my transit time?
  • What is the latest pickup time?

DHL’s Capabilities Tool can do all of this for you and more! Fill out the form as completely as possible for the most accurate transit times. You can even use this tool to find accurate transit times for local holidays that may affect pickups or deliveries.

(Note that any pieces with a single dimension over 48 inches or a single piece that weighs over 150 lbs. may take an extra day or two in transit and do not qualify for the transit time guarantee).


To find the correct spelling of city names or postal code options, put in the country first and select it from the drop down that appears. Once the country is selected, you can start typing in the postal code or the city name to find options that DHL’s systems will verify. If the city or postal code do not pull up, do an Internet search for the city name and country. You may find that what you thought was the city name was a region or district name, or may find that the country needs to be listed differently. Some remote cities may still not appear on the list.

Finding your Pick-Up Times

When you submit the form, you will also be able to see two times of importance. The first time is the latest you can call in for a same-day pickup. The second time is the latest the pickup window can happen in your postal code.

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