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How do I cancel or change a pick up time that has already been scheduled?

If the pickup was scheduled in our PSCSHIP program, you will need to wait 20 minutes after the original scheduling before rescheduling your shipment, as the pickup has to go through internal processes before it can be cancelled. After 20 minutes, go to the “Pickups” tab to find the pickup that was scheduled.

Click on the date of the pickup you want to schedule and you will see a red button that says “Cancel Pickup”.

Click the “Cancel Pickup” button and confirm that you want to cancel your shipment. If you see an error message, give it some more time and try again. Eventually the shipment will appear so you can select it and schedule another day and/or time (if needed).

If the pickup has already been attempted, you will not be able to cancel or reschedule the pickup. At that point, call our office at 800-827-7987 and our team can schedule the new pickup for you.

If you are a direct DHL customer, you can try to change the pickup on your online system or you will have to call 800-CALL-DHL (225-5345).

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