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What do I do if the quote I generated in PSCSHIP does not match what is on my invoice?

There are many reasons why the rate estimate you received when you created a shipment in PSCSHIP differs from what was actually billed.

One reason could be that the weight is different. In this example, the invoice shows a weight of 41 lbs.

But in PSCSHIP, the waybill was estimated at a weight of 16 lbs.

DHL reweighs and measures every shipment. If they are correct, then the rate estimate was based on wrong information and is invalid. But if the waybill was made with accurate weight and size information, DHL is wrong. We can help you file a claim if this is the case.

Whether the issue is the weight, a fee that wasn’t included in the original estimate or something else, you can contact us at 800-827-7987 or and we will review the reason for the rate difference and discuss what options we have to file a claim or take the next step. If you are a direct DHL customer, you can contact DHL Billing at 800-722-0081 to dispute the charges.

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