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There are some things DHL Express won't transport in general, though individual countries may have stricter policies. To review an individual country, visit our DHL Country Import Guidelines Index and find the destination country you have questions about. DHL's general list of prohibited items includes, but isn't limited to:

    • Animals of any kind, including insects, pupae, worms, tortoises, frogs, crabs, lobster, crawfish, fish, hatchling eggs or birds
    • Bullion
    • Counterfeit or pirated goods or materials
    • Illegal drugs or narcotics
    • Firearms, including parts, weapons and ammunition
    • Human remains (including ashes)
    • Negotiable instruments in bearer form
    • Pornography of any kind
    • Any items of carriage that are prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any Federal, state or local government to or throughout which the shipment may be carried