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Can paperless customs documents be setup and used with my FedEx or UPS accounts?

Yes. If you have already set-up paperless customs documents or plan to set them up.

When shipping international shipments via DHL, you can choose to send the shipment documentation electronically instead of printing a hard copy of the documents. The below guide will walk you through the process of using DHL Paperless Clearance

Paperless Setup

Before you can begin the setup for Paperless Clearance, you must have the signature(s) you want to use saved in a GIF, PNG, JPG file. Once you have saved the signature(s) to your computer, follow the below steps to setup your Webship account to use the DHL Paperless Clearance feature.

Click Settings from the Navigation Menu

Click the “Signatures” option from the side menu or from the center of the screen

To add a new Signature to the list, click “Add Signature”

 Enter the Contact Name and Phone Number. The name entered here will be the name that will appear within the Signature drop down in the Commercial Invoice section of Webship

Click  from the popup. Select the signature file from your computer that will be saved as an available option for your paperless commercial invoice.

After adding the file, click to add the signature. After saving, you will see the name added to the list of signatures

Creating a DHL Shipment with Paperless Clearance

Create an International Shipment and check the box to include a Commercial Invoice

 You will see a box for “Paperless” check this box to indicate that paperless will be used for filing the commercial invoice

When checked, a drop down will appear that will provide the list of signatures that have been saved in the Signature Setting

Complete the Commercial Invoice and book the shipment.

When viewing the shipment, the signature does NOT appear on the image of the commercial invoice, however the signature will still be sent in the document to DHL.

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