ISR: President’s Letter

Dear Potential Preferred Shipping ISR:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Preferred Shipping ISR (Independent Sales Representative).

My name is George Flowers and I am the President of Preferred Shipping. We are seriously looking to expand the Preferred Shipping brand to specific markets nationwide. We are looking for individuals that want to associate themselves with our experienced International and Domestic Freight Services Team.

From your prospective an important question is why should you join Preferred Shipping rather than another organization?  I believe that this is the core question that you all must answer. Let me take the liberty to provide some background to assist.

Preferred Shipping has been around for a long time and is DHL’s oldest and most successful authorized reseller. We have learned from our experiences along the way. Preferred Shipping does business the right way. We have always focused on strong outside and inside customer service. We are the best in the country in what we do on the international reseller side. We are granted tremendous support and cooperation from DHL including strongly discounted rates (export and import for small and large customers) and ongoing sales assistance and support.

On the LTL side we offer extremely competitive rates that can be passed on to our customers through a state-of-the-art TMS (Transportation Management System). Our partner on the transactional side is Blue Grace Logistics (one of the fastest growing 3PL’s in the country). We also operate our own Preferred Shipping Freight desk that allows us great flexibility in how we handle our customer’s shipments. For example, we call in each and every LTL shipment to ensure that the shipment is scheduled properly and to reduce pickup problems. Our own TMS system and numerous carrier relationships allows our customers to manage their freight cost and service better than they could ever imagine.

Our Preferred Shipping Team is focused first on customer and sales support. We understand and implement the best Reseller Shipping Technology available.  Bottom line, we keep our customers because our customers understand the value we bring to their shipping processes. We need ISRs as partners to assist us in bringing on more business. If you have the experience and the customer relationships and desire to work everyday to acquire and support customers to the best of your ability we would like you to seriously consider joining our team.

We are competitive and fair in our compensation programs that are set up to make sure that everyone is focused on the same goal. We understand that our programs must work for you in order for Preferred Shipping to be successful and we therefore promise maximum support and ongoing communication to accomplish your sales goals. The Preferred Shipping Call Center is in place to help you find strong potential sales leads. The Preferred Shipping Team is in place to support you to the best of our ability.

In summary, we are looking for some special ISRs to join the Preferred Shipping Team. For additional information on Preferred Shipping please visit the FAQ’s and other information contained on this ISR Page.  If you wish to submit a resume or contact us you can E-mail us at You will hear back from us shortly. Thanks again for your interest in becoming a Preferred Shipping ISR.


George Flowers