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Through our partnership with DHL Express, we can offer deeper discounts on select heavyweight shipments between 110lbs (50kg) – 6,600lbs (3000kg). The max weight per piece 660lbs (300 kg) and shipments need to be non-dangerous goods. You can see a full overview of the service: here.


  1. How long does it take to receive a quote?
    The typical quote turnaround time is two hours.
  2. Are the quotes always door to door service?
    Yes the standard service offered is always door to door.
  3. What cost are included in a GSRT quote?
    The quote includes origin pickup, customs brokerage and delivery. Fuel surcharge is included. The GSRT quote does not include duties and taxes.
  4. What documentation has to be provided to ship with the GSRT program?
    GSRT shipments are prepared and processed for you by Preferred Shipping. In order to be in compliance with U.S. Federal Trade Regulations, we are required to obtain either a signed SLI “Shippers Letter of Instruction” or POA “Power of Attorney,” just as you do with a freight forwarder.
  5. How long is the transit time for GSRT program shipments?
    Transit times typically run between 3 to 5 days.
  6. What are the minimum and maximum weight in the GSRT Program?
    This program becomes available beginning at 50kgs(110Lbs). The maximum weight per piece for exports is 660Lbs and 300Kgs for imports.
  7. Is there an expiration date on the GSRT quotes?
    Yes, these GSRT quotes are valid for 7 days from the date of the quote. Quotes can be extended for an additional 7 days if requested.
  8. What should we do if our shipment weight or size changes before DHL picks up the shipment?
    Occasionally shipment weight and sizes may change if you have to add something to the shipment. If this happens contact our Customer Service team right away before the driver picks up. We can then make the appropriate adjustments.
  9. Are GSRT shipments billed on the same Preferred Shipping invoice with all my other shipments?
    Yes. These shipments will be billed on the same invoice.
  10. Does Preferred Shipping offer regular rates for the GSRT program?
    The GSRT program uses the power of the DHL network capacity to provide special quotes, similar to how your freight forwarder works. For this reason each shipment quote is done on a per shipment basis.

Ready to get your first Global Spot Rate? Send your account representative the following:

  1. Origin
  2. Destination
  3. Number of pieces
  4. Weight and Dimensions (LxWxH) for each piece