Debunking the myths of using a regional carrier

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In the US, FedEx and UPS handle the vast majority of parcel deliveries. Most customers feel like there is no viable alternative. However, if your business is shipping in the southern US. Specifically Texas, Oklahoma, and all major metro markets in Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee, you have the option to use our partner LSO.

At Preferred Shipping, we work to understand your business goals and your budget. We then recommend a complete suite of carrier and shipping solutions that will meet your specific business needs. Increasingly, we see how a smart regional carrier like LSO can play into our customer’s bigger picture logistics needs. LSO won’t replace your need entirely for a national carrier; but they can offer a complementary service that can streamline your operations and save you up to 40% over FedEx and UPS. The savings are especially great for Overnight and Express shipments.

Here are a few of the common objections we hear to using a regional carrier.

  1. It’s risky working with a smaller carrier.
    We wouldn’t work with a partner that we didn’t have to utmost confidence in their longevity and dependability. LSO has reached sustainable scale and been in business for 25 years. They service everything from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.
  2. We don’t want to lose our National Discounts by moving some of our packages away from our main Carrier.
    If you are shipping a significant enough amount in the region to lose your discount, you will save enough with LSO to more than offset any rate changes. Average savings are between 20-40% over national carriers. Plus, with LSO Simple, the pricing structures can be simplified.
  3. LSO has a smaller footprint so they are probably slower.
    This is a huge misconception. LSO is built to be faster throughout the south. Across the region, LSO has faster delivery times and an expanded overnight network. Speed within the delivery area is one of the biggest reasons to use LSO.
  4. The technology probably isn’t up to par.
    LSO can integrate with many prominent ecommerce solutions and shipping platforms. Tracking is comparable to Global carries. LSO is continually investing in technology and CEO Richard Metzler is committed to keeping LSO at the forefront of the industry.

Using a regional carrier might seem like a big shift for your business. But Preferred Shipping has the shipping and carrier expertise to help you successfully implement and effectively use LSO’s impressive offering.