eCommerce and Shipping Fulfillment

Preferred Shipping now has the ability to let customers display accurate DHL Express quotes based on your discounted Preferred Shipping rates on their websites and online stores.

Customers with ShipStation

If you use ShipStation for your eCommerce fulfillment, we offer the ability to directly integrate your low, discounted rate with DHL Express directly into its system for quoting and shipping. To add Preferred Shipping to your ShipStation account, contact our International Help Desk or your local shipping expert to begin the process, and start saving!

Customers with Magento

If you have a online store run by Magento (Community Edition), we currently offer a plugin allowing you to display rates to your customer during the check out process. You can download the plugin here, but you will need to contact the International Help Desk at 800-827-7987 to complete your setup.

The plugin is provided as-is, and we make no warranty or guarantee it will work on your specific version of Magento. If you use Magento Go, our plugin is not currently compatible with that version.

Custom Integrations and Unsupported Online Stores

If you have an online store or shopping cart we do not currently support, or would like to provide shipping quotes based on the destination country into specific areas of your website, we offer an XML-based API your company can utilize to integrate your Preferred Shipping rates for DHL Express. You may download the API documentation here, but you will need to contact the International Help Desk to complete your installation or the API will not return any rates.

No specific files are required to use it on your server, and it will work in any programming language that can receive and process XML data. Limited support for the API is available, but we cannot support specific questions related to the implementation of our API, in most cases. If you need assistance in adding the API to your website, we can provide you a list of reputable companies who provide website development services and are qualified to fully assist you with your custom integration.