International Import and Export Services with DHL Express

Preferred Shipping, Inc. offers DHL Worldwide Express for packages and documents, and DHL Import Express at some of the most competitive rates available.

International Small Parcel Shipping through Preferred Shipping is easy, efficient and cost effective for packages up to and exceeding 250 pounds. Preferred Shipping has been an authorized sales & customer support partner of DHL for more than 20 years. Through the ”World Class” services of DHL Express we offer international document (IDOC) and small package export (WPX) and import services (Import Express).

Preferred Shipping has been granted and offers the best rates available for small and medium size companies because of the large volumes it provides to DHL and the customer service, sales management, accounting and consolidation activities provided by Preferred Shipping .

Preferred Shipping’s international customers also rely on our International Help Desk which provides one-stop comprehensive customer service support. Preferred Shipping’s customers can choose from several easy-to-use shipping technologies to help manage their shipments. We provide full tech support for all shipping solutions.

Preferred Shipping provides professional shipping advice and full customer and field service whenever needed. Preferred Shipping is your expert in international shipping and logistics, whether you are shipping documents, parts or heavier shipment.