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India-New Goods & Service Tax

Please be advised that The Indian Government has announced a Goods and Services Tax (GST) that will impact import and export clearance, effective July 1, 2017. India-based shippers and consignees will need to comply with the new changes by providing some additional data to GST Network and Customs before Custom clearance for all Non Doc [...]

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Critical Update: Venezuela

Prohibited Items Into Venezuela

Date: May 26, 2017

Due to ongoing unrest in Venezuela, this emergency security directive is to be put in place effective immediately in all facilities:

The following is an updated list of items that are prohibited in being shipped to Venezuela (VE) under any service offering. Please note these are in addition to current [...]

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5 Packing Tips Save Money on Shipping

Happy Holidays from the Preferred Shipping Team!

Correctly packing and preparing your package can save you time and money, while also protecting whatever you ship. Here are some key tips to help you ship this holiday season!

#1 Leave no empty space

It is important to completely fill empty space within the box to avoid contents moving during transit [...]

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How to Ship Lithium Batteries

Do you ship electronics with a rechargeable battery? If so, it is very likely that the battery is a lithium battery. Lithium batteries power most mobile devices and portable electronics. Due to recent safety concerns, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has tightened the regulations on shipping these goods. DHL has developed several guidance materials to [...]

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Stay Connected With DHL Alerts!

Keep ahead of any possible speed bumps by signing up today.

As much as we all prepare, inevitably winter weather, tropical storms, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances can interrupt everything – including DHL service. That’s why I’m excited to introduce DHL Alerts, our latest tool that will keep you informed of any possible service delays. [...]

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Continuing to Be the Best

In this shipping alert we showcase some of the latest DHL videos that demonstrate the Preferred Shipping & DHL commitment to being safe and supporting our customer promise of delivering service excellence. The videos also highlight the strength of DHL’s global network and commitment to our customers.

View the video showcase here on Youtube

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India New Customs Requirement

All shipments sent from or received into India need KYC documents (Government recognized Identity and Address proof) to be presented to Customs during shipment clearance.
Know Your Customer (KYC) Norms for Shipment Clearance

Absence of these documents will mean clearance delay as shipments will go into Customs Bond until KYC documents are provided. The responsibility of the [...]

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Repair, Replacement, Warranty Returns

Do you know how to correctly prepare your shipment paperwork to avoid customs duties and taxes when, and where possible when making a repair and replace or warranty replacement shipment?

Have you or your customers ever been surprised by an unexpected bill for customs duties and taxes? Confusion sets in. You thought the shipments were items [...]

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Changes coming to the U.S. Federal Trade Regulations

New Federal Trade Regulations are scheduled to be implemented on January 2014. Although it’s a ways off, it’s never too early to be ready.

At Preferred Shipping, we continually monitor changes in U.S. and foreign trade agreements to ensure our customers maintain the required compliance, and so our International Help Desk can answer questions about changes, or new [...]

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DHL Continues Network Expansion

While FedEx & UPS are downsizing their international networks, DHL continues to expand.

DHL Unveils Newly Expanded Facility at the Miami International Airport


DHL unveiled a new, modernized hub and Aviation facility at the Miami International Airport this week to meet customers’ growing shipping needs to and from Latin America.  At the facility’s ribbon-cutting ceremony, DHL also [...]

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