How can DHL Import Express help manage your inventory?

Are you facing out-of-stocks because of international transit times? Do you want to get products to your customers quicker?

While growing sales are great for business, they can also lead to logistical challenges with managing inventory. Many businesses also struggle with keeping expensive items in-stock when sales are uncertain or follow an irregular sales cycle.

This all becomes especially challenging when your business sources products from outside of the US. In a perfect supply chain environment, you have time to restock inventories using the most cost-effective solution: often for large volumes this is through ocean freight. But the transit time is usually at least 30 days.

But what’s the best option when you need your products now or you don’t want to stock too much inventory?

A great option is DHL Express’s Import Express. The Import Express Service offers door to door service, fast transit time, allows you to control the cost of shipping, and is billed by Preferred Shipping on one invoice, in USD currency. DHL Express has the world’s largest, most experienced air express network, making it easy for pickups from foreign vendors all the way through to delivery.

The flexibility of the Import Express services doesn’t end there. It’s the perfect service to get products to your customer quicker by allowing you to fulfill your customer’s order directly to their address. This is known as Drop-Shipping. While this concept is not new, DHL has made the technique more common in international commerce. Drop Shipping is especially growing among ecommerce shippers in this world of instant demand. Drop-Shipping allows inventory sourced from foreign vendors to be shipped directly to you or to your end customer. The savings produced by not having to maintain the inventories locally can be huge, especially for high-cost specialty products or parts.

DHL Import Express is perfect for giving you the control over the process; from shipping cost to trackable and reliable delivery.  Import Express is also available for country to country shipments; where the supply vendor and end customer are outside the U.S. In other words, you can effectively use Import Express to Drop-Ship from foreign vendor, suppliers directly to your end customer who is also outside the U.S.

Learn more about the flexibility of Import Express from your experts at Preferred Shipping