Calculate Intl. Dimensional Weight

Effective January 1, 2011, DHL Express will change the way dimensional weight is calculated. Both FedEx and UPS have already announced they will be making the identical change in January 2011. DHL uses the International Air Transport Association (IATA) volumetric methodology (subject to change without notice).

This methodology is used for all international shipments, even those in DHL-branded packaging. Below are instructions for how to determine dimensional weight in 2011:

1. Multiply the carton’s dimensions (length x width x height)
2. Divide the cubic inches by the dimensional weight factor of 139 if measured in inches
3. Round up to the nearest whole number

1. If measured in centimeters divide the cubic centimeters by 5,000 for a dimensional weight in kilos
2. Divide kilos by 2.20462 to convert to pounds
3. Round up to the nearest whole number






For example, a carton with the dimensions of 30”(L) x 20”(W) x 20”(H) = 12,000 cubic inches, divided by 139 = 86.3 pounds, and round up to the nearest whole number for a dimensional weight of 87 pounds. Be sure to include all packing materials when weighing your package and calculating the dimensional weight.